Types of Digital Camera

As well as determining which brands you would consider when deciding on which digital camera to buy, you need to determine which type of camera you actually need. There are several types of digital camera available:

  • Compact - small pocket or micro sized cameras
  • Basic Cameras - basic functions, happy snap performance
  • Standard Cameras - the middle of the market and entry level for a family camera
  • Advanced Compact Cameras - specialised with more features than standard compacts
  • Advanced Cameras - getting serious about photos and functions
  • SLR Cameras - high end and professional photography
  • Water Resistant Cameras - specialised, name says it all really, for diving and underwater photography

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  • Keep your Nikon or Canon SLR close and extra memory cards on hand. Practice makes perfect. Never be afraid to experiment and shoot new ideas! Remember: The most important photograph in the world is the one you are about to take. Happy shooting. Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR Camera vs Nikon D750 FX Digital SLR Camera Review The classic who is on top? battle between Nikon and Canon continues. Both Canon and Nikon in are having a great price war. The high-end battle is now with the Canon EOS 5D versus the Nikon D90. These professional grade cameras are now cheaper.
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